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Welcome to LIFE Chiropractic Centers

At LIFE Chiropractic Centers, the safety and quality of the healthcare you receive is our highest priority.  Our innovative and world-class offices take a comprehensive view of healthcare, with chiropractic services tailored to help patients regain their health naturally and optimize their potential.  Our primary mission is to help our patients achieve their optimum health goals through assistance from our highly trained providers and exceptionally caring staff.

Due to our affiliation with Life University, we are privileged to provide you

with care backed by the academic distinction of the premier chiropractic educational institution with a long history of scientific and clinical research. Life University’s clinical objective is to provide a vitalistic model of health care that focuses on patient care, patient education and optimum health. LIFE Chiropractic Centers providers put your health first as their primary focus. We look forward to serving our communities. Please contact any of our offices in the metro Atlanta area to schedule your appointment.



If you wonder what it’s like to be one of our patients, take a virtual look inside our world-class locations.

Midtown Atlanta

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The Continuum of Care

Condition-Based Care

is meant to stabilize the spine, provide relief or reduce or eliminate the cause of the patient’s symptom or condition. In some cases, this may require co-managed care or referral.


Corrective Care

is meant to optimize spinal and neurological function, as well as re-establish optimum function and adaptation of the patient within the professional boundaries of the practitioner.



care is affordable, low-risk interventions and education applied consistently throughout life designed to enhance quality of life in physical, mental, social, relational and intellectual endeavors.


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LIFE Chiropractic Centers are affiliated with Life University