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Non-invasive and patient-centered, without the use of drugs or surgery

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LIFE Chiropractic Centers are affiliated with Life University

Patient-Centered Healthcare

The services at LIFE Chiropractic Centers are non-invasive and patient-centered. Our primary focus is improving your overall health, and helping your entire family do the same. This is care that takes your health goals into account. Our doctors will review your case and recommend appropriate care that is individualized to your personal health needs. Our care will take your health to the next level naturally, without drugs or surgery.

  • Evidence-Informed Care

  • Patient Preference

  • Provider Expertise

Partnering With Life University

Life University (LIFE) is a unique place where students can feel empowered to break molds, pursue new ideologies and strive for excellence in the areas where their passions lie. LIFE provides its students with opportunities to learn and impact the world around them. LIFE Chiropractic Centers are a key part of Life University’s outreach initiatives, caring for the people who live and work in the communities we are proud to call home.

We believe  that living systems are self-aware, self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing.
We understand  that living systems function best when operating free of interference.
We recognize  that interference results in the diminished expression and quality of life.

Therefore, Life University’s programs are designed to educate students to identify and correct interference, allowing living systems to improve expression of their innate potential.

Life University’s guiding principle is Lasting PurposeTo live an inner-directed life, to give, to do, to love, to serve, out of your own abundance. Life University believes that a willingness and desire to serve your community and your fellow man are just as important as academic pursuits. This attitude stems from the recognition that each individual has been given certain gifts, and as a citizen in the world community, it is your duty to give, to do, to love, to serve, out of your own abundance.

Life University’s world-class research efforts, headquartered at the Dr. Sid E. Williams Center for Chiropractic Research (CCR), are also integrated into the fabric of our centers. The CCR’s stated mission is to advance the chiropractic profession through engagement in research of significance conducted in alignment with the Vision Statement of Life University.


I am very glad that I came to LIFE Chiropractic Centers. I am really happy with the progress I have made so far with my treatment. I feel better! 

LCC Patient

My experience has been great! My body and mind are at ease. I am able to do more within the day. I am not as tired as I used to be. Everyone in the office is nice and can answer any questions you have. I would recommend to everyone. 

LCC Patient

My overall experience has been great. Everyone in the office is very knowledgeable and eager to answer any questions. The willingness to be as helpful and informative as possible really helped to comfort me as well as get me excited for my journey to wellness.

LCC Patient

Helping our patients achieve their optimum health goals.

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LIFE Chiropractic Centers are affiliated with Life University